Everyone has been impressed with this screenroom - the vaulted ceiling is outstanding, it makes our 12x16 room feel like 16x20 especially with the crisp white vinyl ceiling...it was definitely the way to do it. The roof line and pitch blends right in w/ the original house roof line perfectly, as if it was there from the day the house was built. We had company for Easter Dinner, and after quickly putting the leftovers in the fridge we moved out to the screen porch to play some board games and visit. It has really added the extra square footage to our living space that we needed.

The only mistake we made was not doing this sooner! As for your web page......I can say that you did everything that you said you would do, the way you said you would do it, within the time frame you said you would do it in, and for the price you said you would do it for. You are a man of your word. In this day and time, that is saying alot.

We felt our property was safe in your hands because you came out to the worksite every couple days to check on the progress of the construction. Your crew was respectful of our property as well. They were professionals in every way. Every step was well coordinated with no delays or problems. We knew you were the right contractor for us after seeing a home you had built a year earlier. Every detail was attended to, nothing overlooked.

We were accompanying my Mom who was looking for a home in Cleveland to relocate. We were not even thinking about a construction project at the time. Almost a year later when we decided to build this screen porch, my husband and I immediately thought of you for our project and hoped it was not too small a job for you. Of course we took estimates from other contractors whose credentials and licensing were up to par and I must say your pricing was right in line with everyone else but I have no doubt we hired the right contractor.

You told us at the start that you do every building project, regardless of how big or small, as if you were doing it for yourself. And as I have already stated, you are a man of your word ..... Please feel free to use our contact information and this letter for future reference as needed. Thank you very much again.

-God Bless Sincerely, James & Dawn Miller

"The Dean Custom Homes team took on a rebuild project for me on my 100 year old home. The team was affordable, innovative, and detailed. They worked hard to maintain the charm and character of the home, while adding energy efficiency to it. I couldn't have asked for a better result! Thanks, Chad and Team!"

-Thanks, Gabe Whitmer

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